The Scenic Sumter Heritage Byway a partnership of
elected officials, private citizens, business representatives and technical advisors who recognize
the importance and value of the cultural, historic, recreational, natural and scenic resources
located along our 62 mile Byway. The Byway winds through Sumter County from the Van Fleet
Trail on SR 50 north through the county, ending at SR 44 at the Withlacoochee River and the
Sumter/Citrus county line. The Scenic Sumter Heritage Byway was designated on May 2, 2013
as the 24th Florida Scenic Highway. Our mission is to promote and protect the natural beauty,
recreational potential and outstanding historical resources and traditions of the byway for
residents, visitors and future generations.

The Scenic Sumter Heritage Byway is launching a Donor Brick Program to help offset costs of
informational kiosks that will be placed throughout the key areas along the byway. We invite
you to help “pave the way” to helping us with this project and to prominently display a
personalized engraved brick under a designated kiosk. This is a wonderful way to commemorate
an individual or business to permanently have a lifetime legacy throughout Sumter County. You
can honor a loved one, family, child, pet or organization, or advertise your business with your
donation. Please see the ordering information below that will enable you to order one of these
commemorative bricks. Your donation will be tax deductible under our 501(c)(3) organization.